Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are becoming an extremely common diagnosis.

Unfortunately, today many health professionals are not trying to figure out why these people are having these troubles. Most doctors and some parents want to use the quick fix...drugs. But drugs only mask the causative factors.

When you think about what is involved in school work, what do you come up with? Do you think about sitting for a long time (possibly on a hard wooden chair)? Do you think about looking at a computer screen or book at extensive lengths (can you imagine the eye stress)? What about pressure of having time limits, and children feeling stressed about the consequences of not being done on time? When a person is doing homework, problem solving skills are important.

Treatment of Vision Related Learning Problems can make life a little easier for the student, or employee.

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Some signs that may indicate Vision Related Learning Problems would be:

Headaches after near stress, even after a couple minutes of use.
Blurry vision at near or in the distance after sitting and performing near tasks.
Double vision when tired.
Words appearing to move around on the page when trying to read.
Loss of place while reading, and difficulty remembering what has been read.
Tilting the head when performing vision tasks.
Squinting when trying to optimize vision.
Eye rubbing when eyes feel tired or strained.
Better grades with auditory learning rather than visual learning.
Difficulty concentrating on a task, and becoming bored or antsy easily.