Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

You will find that Lasik eye surgery cost are different from one surgeon to another and can vary based upon the geographical location of the potential candidate. The only sure standard for Lasik is that it is not a cheap corrective eye procedure. The prices of refractive surgery are often quoted for on eye and therefore, the total cost to get Lasik done will have to be considered when you are getting costs estimates.

Ever so often, a person may go in to get eye laser treatment based upon the financial terms agreed upon between the Lasik MD and the patient. However, there are other incidental costs that can arise that may drive up the total cost of the surgery. The technologies that are used to perform the procedure is very expensive and a if for instance you elect to get the operation done using wavefront Lasik, which is more precise, or bladeless Intralase, the cost will be different that the standard costs of getting the surgery done with bladed instruments.

Typical Lasik Costs

When we are looking at the average costs for Lasik, there can be a wide difference in what typical laser eye centers promote in many advertisements. As an example, if you see a promotional piece advertising Lasik eye correction for $420 for each eye, there’s a very good chance that you will end up paying far more.  The main reason for variance is that most people never fully qualify for such steep discounts without the need for additional corrective measures.

One may be surprised to know that the average costs associated with Lasik surgery has not increased that much during that past three years, even though new technologies such as precision wavefront-guided Lasik procedures have greatly enhanced the success of laser eye treatments. While the average cost in 2009 was approximately $2,300 the price actually dropped a little in 2010 by as much as $200.

Currently the national average costs are as follows:

– $2,160 – for Lasik-guided wavefront where a laser is employed to create the corneal flap.
– $2,140 – the standard price for all laser-based medical procedures where lasers are used to correct vision.
– $1,490 – for all Lasik procedures where bladed instruments are used to perform the surgery.

These figures are only national estimates and do not take into account that you may be charged a higher price to get the process done. There are others factors that come into the mix that a person generally does not think of.  These factors can include an assortment of things such as the costs associated with anesthesia, the prices for surgical garments, post Lasik care, any prescriptions that may be needed during the curing process as well as the need to treat any complications should they arise.

Comparing Lasik Eye Surgery Costs

When you are shopping around for a surgeon, there is no need to be confused.  There are a number of factors to compare before you make your final decision. These factors do influence what a patient will ultimately pay and also helps to ensure that you receive a quality experience at an affordable price.

Seven things you need to keep in mind when you are prospecting for quotes are:

First, when you are looking to compare prices, ask if the laser surgery will be done with using precision wavefront guided equipment?

Secondly, will you get a laser created flap or will the procedure be perform using a bladed instrument?

Third, when you are getting quotes, if the price for Lasik is somewhat higher than the community average, can the surgeon justify the higher price when compared to other doctors in your area?

Fourth, if the quote to have the surgery done is significantly lower that the area average, does this mean that you are receiving an incredible discount or does it mean that the surgeon lacks professional credentials, experience and laser training?

Fifth, how much will it cost you for any pot medications that you may have to take and how many time will you have to refill the prescription?

Sixth, how many follow-up visits will you have to make and what will each subsequent visit cost you?

Seven, what types of complications can arise and what are the costs to deal with those complications?

Those four questions will help guide you when you are looking for a Lasik eye surgeon.  The most important thing is to ask questions and take plenty of notes as you interview each doctor. Listen carefully to what the prospective surgeon is saying to you when it comes to the Lasik price, the process they are going to use and what to expect as the final outcome.

Finally, ask each eye laser surgeon to provide his or her credentials so you know you are in care of a surgeon that is properly licensed to perform Lasik surgery.  You may be tempted to choose a surgeon based on the cheapest price. Selecting discount Lasik over qualifications and experience is not wise when you are dealing with your vision. It is always best to find the most qualified doctor to perform vision correction.  Savings do not equal quality and can cost you in the long run if you choose unwisely.

When you are looking for a surgeon, seek the most experienced and then look for creative ways to finance the surgery. Most insurance companies do not honor Lasik surgery since they list it as an elective alteration. However, there are several financial lenders that specialize in financing the costs the get various surgeries for the eyes. Should you qualify, you may be eligible for a fixed-rate loan with extended repayments. If you are an employee, you may qualify for subsidized vision plans that may help defray Lasik costs. See your human resources personal to inquire about the benefits.

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