This clear gel once carried nourishing blood vessels during eye development. However as it is on the light pathway it is important that it remains clear of debris and blood vessels, during development the gel vessels disappeared.

The gel is solid in youth but around middle age it becomes more fluid, eventually it collapses in on itself so that it has 2 parts: fluid + gel.

When it collapses it pulls away from the retina, this is seen as flashes of light. Sometimes it can tear a blood vessel which leaves blood, which is seen as a shower of floaters. Then all that is left is a feint cobweb or round floater seen as a small gray ring or spot which speeds away from you when you try and look directly at it ,then floats back to near its original position when you don't. Rarely the vitreous can pull a tear in the retina which can lead onto retinal detachment.

Abnormalities of the vitreous or retina are sometimes treated by Vitrectomy.

Vitreous Haemorrhage

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